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RP journal for Ashley Raventon from Poppy Z. Brite's Lost Souls. I play him as 19 unless the prompt/AU specifies otherwise.

A great loneliness. That was the first thing. Loneliness for Arkady, wanting him, wanting his arrogance, his self-assurance. Misgivings in spite of the desire to trust, and then the conviction that Arkady was never coming back from Paris. A slew of things to fill the void--alcohol and opium, lovers and new leather boots--but the late nights crept in, and Arkady was never coming back, never could, never...

"Your brother was very handsome, wasn't he?"
"Not handsome. Beautiful. Did I mention that Ashley was the beauty of the Raventons?" Arkady pressed his lips to the top of the ivory cranium before continuing. "His hair was the color of burgundy, and he wore it long down his back, and it sparkled when he walked in the rain."

In regards to canon, I usually play Ashley from before Arkady leaves for Paris, or else an AU in which it is Ashley who lives, and Arkady who is nothing but a skull in a box. I'm always very happy to AU him into almost any scenario, and his canon very easily can be set almost anywhere between 1600-present in either Europe or Louisiana.

*** Trigger warnings for mentions of suicide, implied incest, death, depression, mental instability, neglect (I often play Ashley from a canon point where he has recently lost his brother and the servants that he had all his life, so he has fairly little concept of basic self-care like feeding himself), this list probably to expand as things occur to me.

Ashley comes from a vampire canon, has lots of vampire imagery, and can easily come in vampire flavor, but unless otherwise specified, he is human.
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Ashley is submissive, though he can be an extremely bossy bottom, and prefers being someone's very spoiled pet. Third person prose strongly preferred, past tense preferred but certainly not required.

CHARACTER NAME: Ashley Raventon


Backtagging: Infinitely. I usually reply every day or three, sometimes more. If you tag something after months, I’ll probably still be delighted.
Threadhopping: Potentially.
Fourthwalling: Rather not.
Canon Puncture: If it suits the setting/thread.

Hugging/touching this character: Yes. He may be startled/defensive unless he's being coaxed or seduced (or doing the coaxing and seducing), but he naturally assumes that no one will ever hurt him, so he doesn't much mind being touched.
Kissing this character: Yes, absolutely. He's used to using his sexuality to connect, befriend, and secure attention and approval, so he almost always welcomes being kissed.
Flirting with this character: Yes please. He will be delighted and will probably flirt back.
Fighting with this character: No. He has no fighting skills. Kidnapping or restraining him is totally cool though.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Bruises or light cuts are fine. No permanent/severe damage or scarring.
Killing this character: Not without very serious OOC discussion and for very good plot reasons. (Vampirisim is somewhat an exception because Ashley naturally comes from vampire canon, but I'd still want to discuss turning him.)
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure! If you let me know your character can mind read, I will pepper Ashley's descriptions with material for your use.

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Ashley Raventon

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